A key to success – the multidisciplinary team from BOCAhealthcare

There are plenty of examples that show that even the best ideas are doomed to failure if the team around this idea is not properly positioned and is not fully behind the joint project. Lone fighters find it particularly difficult to assert themselves. BOCAhealthcare is very well positioned in this regard. In today’s article, we present the multidisciplinary team from BOCAhealthcare in more detail.

Dr. Alessandro Faragli, managing director
Alessandro Faragli is a doctor. He studied at the University of Pavia in Italy and is currently working on research at the Charité University Hospital.

  • Why he chose BOCAhealthcare:

“The idea came up many years ago when I was watching my father. He is a heart failure patient who had to deal with hydration problems in his day-to-day life. ”During the internships as part of his studies, Alessandro realized how many patients fared similarly to his father and what challenges this posed for the clinics.

  • Fun fact:

“My first co-founder, Dr. Edoardo La Porta was the first doctor I got to know during my third year at the medical school as part of my nephrology internship. He became my first mentor and later my best friend. Marco Mezzadra was my basketball coach for two years before we joined BOCAhealthcare before becoming a co-founder. ”

Dr. Edoardo La Porta, Head of Scientific & Medical Affairs

Dr. La Porta studied medicine and worked at the University of Pavia until 2018. He then went to Genoa, where he is currently working on projects ranging from pediatric dialysis to cardionephrology while completing his PhD work – a real multitasking doctor!

  • Why he chose BOCAhealthcare:

“Together with Alessandro, we developed the idea of ​​a tool for liquid management and made the designs for the first patent.”

  • Fun fact:

“I met Alessandro and Lorenzo’s cousin, who worked with me in the nephrology department in Pavia. It all started as a collaboration, but it also developed into a true friendship. ”

Marco Mezzadra, Business Development & Project Manager

Marco Mezzadra holds a degree in environmental science from the University of Pavia and has worked as a sustainability consultant.

  • Why he chose BOCAhealthcare:

Marco Mezzadra has always wanted to contribute to the development of a start-up, especially one like BOCAhealthcare. “Digital health is a completely new field for me, I like to take on new challenges in order to learn from it.”

  • Fun fact:

“I was the basketball coach of our CEO Alessandro before we became a team professionally.”

Lorenzo Estienne, software developer

Lorenzo Estienne graduated in Computer Science in Turin.

  • Why did he choose BOCAhealthcare?

For Lorenzo Estienne, the targeted use of technology is something that we can and should all benefit from. He sees great opportunities in healthcare in particular to make further progress in the service of people. “For this reason, I didn’t hesitate for a second to take part in this project! Of course, I’ve always been tech-savvy and loved the ever-growing world of internet applications and devices. So designing and optimizing our product was a real pleasure for me. ”

  • Fun fact:

“Alessandro is a childhood friend of a cousin of the founder Alessandro Faragli. It was this who brought Alessandro and I into contact after seeing some of my mobile app work that I was developing during that time. ”

Davide Bianchi, hardware developer

Davide Bianchi is an electrical engineer, studied at the Polytechnic University in Milan and has a passion for sensors and embedded systems.

  • Why he chose BOCAhealthcare: 

“I was inspired by the start-up mission and the goal of BOCAhealthcare and wanted to look for the challenge in a dynamic and multidisciplinary topic. I got to know the team thanks to a mutual friend of Edoardo. ”

  • Fun fact:

“People never know when I’m hungry and when I’m angry – I express both in the same way!”