Interview: Dr. Mariano Casali from the Istituto di Cura Città

Interview: Dr. Mariano Casali from the Istituto di Cura Città

For every product to be successful, the end-users need to be enthusiastic of the solution
that you are proposing. In the healthcare field this rule is extremely important and in the
case of BOCAhealth the medical doctors represent the most important stakeholders. In
order to do so we performed different interviews with cardiologists, nephrologists,
nutritionists and general doctors to understand which path we shall take. Recently, we sat
with Dr. Mariano Casali, senior cardiologist of the Istituto Città di Pavia to understand his
opinion on BOCAhealth.

1) Good afternoon, Dr. Casali, may I start by asking what your specialty is? Can you tell us in what field you worked most of these years?

Good afternoon Dr Faragli, I am a specialist in Cardiology and Sports Medicine, in recent years I have dealt mainly with sports cardiology, with particular emphasis on the use of exercise in people with heart disease.

2) In particular, based on your perception, how can the clinical course of heart failure patients be improved? What can be done to prevent adverse events in this population?

The problem is very complex, the literature on the subject is very rich, in extreme synthesis I think
we can identify some focal points:

  • A multidisciplinary approach is essential, therefore a multidisciplinary patient care team is needed.
  • The multidisciplinary team must draw up a care plan, perform clinical monitoring includingclinical evaluation of functional capacity, hydration status, nutritional status, cognitivestatus.

3) What do you think of the BOCAhealth product and in which setting do you think it could be most useful?

BOCAhealth can be of fundamental importance in the evaluation of hydration and nutritional status, it can also represent a great way to stimulate the adherence to the diet and the treatments!

4) What do you think of the team? What did you like about them? What aspects of BOCAhealth’s product do you think are crucial to its success in healthcare?

It is a multidisciplinary team, with “perfect” characteristics with respect to the management of a complex and multifaceted problem such as telemonitoring aimed at optimizing treatment and
preventing adverse events in cardiac decompensation.

5) Last question, would you be interested in buying BOCAhealth for your hospital?

Of course.