Heart failure and chronic kidney disease are just the beginning

Heart failure and chronic kidney disease are just the beginning

Our market entry strategy with the first version of BOCAhealth aims to improve the quality of life, especially for patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease. However, there are also many other patients for whom the system for measuring and analyzing the body fluid balance can provide great added value. A research project with two clinics in Genoa is now in preparation for which we have now received the prospect of government funding of EUR 300,000.

BOCAhealth wants to improve the lives of high-risk patients with its innovative concept for managing the body’s fluid balance. This is done with the involvement of artificial intelligence, on the basis of which forecasts are made individually for each patient. They should serve the attending physician as a support system when prescribing further therapy measures. We have digitized the BOCAhealth in cooperation with Camelot Biomedical Systems. The Italian consulting company specializes in the implementation of digital transformation processes.

In the intensive care unit, patients are particularly susceptible to fluid disturbances. At the same time, the amount of clinical data is continuously high, so it makes sense to use and analyze this data in real-time using machine learning. In the medium term, we want to go beyond the area of ​​patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

Intended for use in pediatrics

In cooperation with the Gaslini Children’s Hospital and the San Martino Hospital in Genoa, we have recently designed and presented a project that deals with the use and benefits of BOCAhealth in pediatrics. The presentation took place as part of the presentation of various projects in front of the Italian Ministry of Health, which in 2019 will provide 100 million euros in grants for companies with research activities in the health sector. BOCAhealthcare is one of a total of 13 projects that have been presented at the national level in the sub-category of co-financed projects. The budget requested for the study is 300,000 euros, of which 150 would be.

The project will start in late 2020. However, an important prerequisite for this is that the CE certification for classifying our system as a class IIa medical device is achieved. Thanks to your active support in financing through aescuvest, we are already on the right track.