Artificial intelligence as a key component of the BOCAhealth system

Artificial intelligence as a key component of the BOCAhealth system

BOCAhealthcare develops a platform solution that combines innovative sensors and data analysis for the liquid management of patients. The use of artificial intelligence plays a crucial role here – which we describe in the following article.

BOCAhealthcare is already working on various solutions for monitoring patients with chronic kidney disease and heart failure and in many other applications of artificial intelligence as a medical support system in healthcare.

What is artificial intelligence in this context? A large amount of data is processed using predefined algorithms. This analysis should lead to predictions, recommendations or conclusions that provide doctors with the basis for decisions in their daily activities. BOCAhealth learns independently through machine learning, in which repeating patterns and regularities of the data obtained are evaluated using existing algorithms.

Using the latest machine learning techniques, BOCAhealth will build an intelligent system that is able to continuously improve its accuracy by continuously collecting data. In this way, trends can be precisely identified not only from the individual patient history but also from the experiences of the entire patient population. Even patients whose medical history is not yet available can be suggested the right measure immediately.

The use of artificial intelligence will make it possible to find a correlation between bioimpedance data, hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure, blood volume (by analyzing the temporal variation of the hematocrit) and hemodialytic session parameters. This will help doctors by providing a risk prediction model and medical decision support system specific to the patient being examined. The final results are accessible via the web-based dashboard and the smartphone app.