The first mobile, high-precision measuring device for the fluid balance

The first mobile, high-precision measuring device for the fluid balance

In terms of fluid balance, the human body is like the plant organism. We all know the situation when, in high summer, the plants in our home garden seem to slacken from one second to the next in the midday heat. This reaction of the plants is immediately visible to us – we react to the acute lack of water by watering the plants. With us, humans, water shortage or excess is difficult to detect visually, which is why we rely on technical support. So far, we have to rely on complex machines for accurate measurements that can only be found in clinical settings. BOCAhealth wants to remedy this and make body fluid management suitable for everyday use in home monitoring too.

Regardless of whether it is a patient with heart failure, chronic kidney disease, the elderly or pregnant women, monitoring the hydration parameter is of great importance for each of these people because a lack of fluids or excess can be life-threatening immediately. This makes the fact that it is extremely difficult to monitor this parameter outside the hospital. Although the market already offers a number of mobile solutions for such measurements, such as smartwatches or bioimpedance weight scales, they all have in common that they only provide useful information regarding their measurement accuracy in the fitness area. However, there is hardly any medical added value. Costly invasive products are also a valid solution for very few patients.

Mobile, high-precision device should close the market gap
We at BOCAhealthcare have recognized this niche and developed the BOCAhealth – a portable device that is intended for both clinic and home use and should provide analysis values ​​comparable to the stationary benchmark products in body fluid management. BOCAhealth aims to improve the quality of life for the patient groups described above by recognizing threatening bodily fluid disorders at an early stage and thus avoiding unnecessary hospital stays.

In addition, the combination of hardware and software based on the use of artificial intelligence offers the option of having the measurement results from home monitoring checked directly by the attending doctor. The patient can then immediately initiate or adapt therapeutic measures according to the patient’s current condition. With this approach, we look into the immediate future and are prepared for the upcoming trends in telemedicine.

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