The innovation in body fluid management

The innovation in body fluid management

The human body consists of approx. 65 percent of water. A bit more or less is not a problem for a healthy person. But a sick person can seriously harm small deviations in the body’s fluid balance. Dehydration or water retention can be life-threatening, particularly in the case of heart failure and chronic kidney disease, the most common cause of hospital stays worldwide. The problem is that so far there are no simple and reliable methods for measuring the fluid balance. BOCAhealth starts right here and has the ambition to become the new standard in body fluid management.

Today, approximately one in four affected patients is re-admitted to the hospital for a decompensation event within 30 days of the first discharge. The main reason for this was found to be in the disturbance of the body fluid balance.

The solution to the problem described above, we have given the name Boca Health: b ody c omposition a nalyzer and assistant. The solution we developed consists of a portable device for measuring body composition and software that are connected to each other via a smartphone application. The device can either be placed on the patient by the medical specialist during the hospital stay or, due to its user-friendliness, can also be operated directly from home by the patient himself or his family.

Measuring trends through machine learning
The core of BOCAhealth’s innovation is the software, which is based on the use of artificial intelligence. The system is able to continuously learn from all user data and to continuously improve the accuracy of the analysis. On this basis, trends towards negative developments in the patient’s condition are to be identified precisely and at an early stage so that the treating physicians can initiate appropriate treatment – even for patients whose medical history is not yet available.

With this data-driven approach, BOCAhealth wants to improve the quality of life of patients on the one hand by sparing unnecessary hospital stays, and on the other hand, make the work of medical professionals in the hospital more efficient. This should also result in cost savings.
The financing campaign on is intended to raise a target sum of € 150,000 so that the next steps can be started before entering the market: these are the technical completion of the marketable product and the CE certification.

As an investor, you have the option of investing as little as € 100 to invest in the campaign of BOCAhealthcare GmbH. Investors can participate in the company’s development by participating in sales and growth in value. In addition, a fixed interest rate of 1.00 percent is paid on the investment amount. This increases to 2.00 percent for investors who until September 15. to draw.